My encounter with an indigo girl

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My encounter with an indigo girl

A few days ago I had the opportunity, along with a couple of die-hard alternative guys, of making a very interesting encounter. For understandable reasons, which will later be clear from this text, I am not going to name either the country or the state where this encounter took place. I’ll only say it was in Europe.

It was a special encounter with a kid, although it might be inappropriate to term this being a „child“. I’ve known this girl since she was barely 2 years old. I call on her parents several times a year. Today she’s almost nine and she’s an actual indigo child. I’m not sure whether you realize what the term indigo child means: they’re the children of the third millennium. By this very low age, she had learned to talk and every day she amazed her parents by new words. And they weren’t astounded just by her early talking abilities alone, but also who she was actually talking to – namely beings that were invisible to them. By the time I met her again, she had mastered certain abilities that are absolutely incomprehensible to most. I’ll describe just a small part of our encounter. You cannot write everything openly these days.

Well, try to imagine this:

A certain room had been picked for this purpose. The room had a couple of hidden cameras in it. The cameras recorded what was happening around the tables, another part of the furnishing of this room. There was a mechanic clock on the wall behind the tables. The camera was recording the clock too.

At a given moment the room was opened and various people started coming in. They weren’t aware what they were taking part in. They got seated at a table, sat there for a certain time and then they got up and left. Everything was, as I mentioned above, recorded by a camera. After the room had been closed, the indigo girl came in. She was asked to go back in time (immediately she pointed out there’s no such thing as time) to the point the room had been opened and start describing the people who had been coming in and leaving since morning.

She closed her eyes and started giving exact descriptions of all the subjects and what they had been doing in the room; we had the possibility of watching the recording taken by the cameras on a computer. Her descriptions were absolutely accurate, totally amazing. She noted even very small details. She made no single mistake. After she finished and we compared her account with the recording we expressed our thanks to her for her incredible performance. She rewarded us with a very nice, indescribable smile.

Afterwards we asked her to describe the subjects who were going to come in tomorrow (and get recorded again) in exactly the same way. We took a voice recording of her account. Again, she talked with an accuracy that must be found baffling by mere mortals. Everything was being recorded -there was another reason for this which I’m not allowed to mention. She gave a detailed description of the people to come along with the time visible on the clock hanging on the back wall (this time thing wasn’t necessary, it was just for testing purposes). She even described energy fields around each person in question. She saw their auras and immediately she was able to evaluate each individual in terms of their character traits. This one was good, that one bad, another one absent-minded – she could see this and much more, for example their problems. The next day everything was verified. She had even seen other members of our team interacting with the strangers and asking them questions, she commented on everything. Hats off to the young lady and my compliments to her. If only there were already millions of them here.

I guess the one who got the biggest shock was our IT expert / computer technician who despite all the indisputable evidence still couldn’t believe all this. According to what the indigo girl said his brain hemispheres were totally off-balance with a 92% prevalence of the left one (the one that governs logical thinking). He never used his intuition and his right hemisphere was virtually turned off. The girl came to the IT guy and asked him whether he wanted to see something from his past. He laughed and went „why not?“ but he didn’t believe it was going to be any good. The indigo kid seated him in an armchair and showed this „doubting technician“ his whole childhood, beginning with his birth. He actually saw himself being born, she showed him his complete childhood, his first ride on a bike and lots of other things including his two car crashes. He could even see the immaterial beings that were helping him to survive the accidents.

I’m told the IT guy didn’t talk to anybody for three days. He was utterly shocked. His small safe world was in ruins. After four days he pulled himself together but his worldview was changed forever. It was meant to be this way I guess.

A lot of other things happened around this indigo kid but I’m going to respect our agreement and refrain from writing about them. Before leaving the unnamed country the indigo girl turned her attention towards me and told me she could see many people make my heart feel sad. She asked me to write an article about all this and post it on the website I occasionally write for and said I know best what website it is (a Czech alternative webzine She also asked me to decode an album by my favorite band Imperio, an album full of songs with hidden messages. I thought to myself it was no use casting pearls before… but before I could finish the thought she said it wasn’t true and added: „Many people will be pleased if you do this. You’ll help them in their seeking. You’re going to help the ones you are meant to help and you don’t need to care about the rest.“ She said it was enough to decode three or four songs. I accepted but wavered to publish the story above – she informed me there was no reason for me to worry about her, because nobody can hurt her on this planet. I understood and as you can see, I’m keeping on my promise (refers to the other part of the original article in Czech). Before leaving, she told me the time has arrived.

Rejoice over the fact there are actual Beings of Light on Earth! There are many of them already and they often want to communicate something to you in an encoded way.

Original in Czech – Here


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